Affiliate Program Details

Details Of Affiliate Program: Earn Commission with TideonVFX Editing Services

1. Commission Structure

  • Basic Rank: Affiliates earn a 10% commission for each successful sale referred through their link.
  • Premium Rank: Achieved after 10 successful sales. Affiliates at this level earn an increased 15% commission.

2. Payment Schedule

  • Payments are held for a week after project completion for potential dispute resolution.
  • Payouts occur on the nearest 1st of the month, with a 30-day cookie duration.
  • If the 1st has passed, the payout is deferred to the next month.

3. Tracking and Analytics

  • Affiliates have access to a dedicated dashboard, providing real-time tracking of sales, commissions, and status updates.

4. Promotional Materials

  • Banners are available for each service offered, with video promos coming soon.

5. Payout Method

  • Affiliates receive payments via bank transfer.

6. Terms and Conditions

7. Support and Communication

8. Future Services and Highest Commission Rates

  • Anticipate future services such as TV commercials and feature film editing.
  • The highest commission rate is 15%, with occasional special offers raising it to 20% during promotional periods.

9. Refund Policy

  • After a successful payment, 30% is instantly non-refundable after 24 hours.
  • Once the first download of assets occurs, the project becomes non-refundable.

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will there be more services in the future?

A: Yes, we plan to expand our services, including TV commercials and feature film editing.

Q: What is the highest commission rate?

A: The highest standard commission rate is 15%, but special offers may temporarily raise it to 20%.

Q: What is the refund policy for a client who has already paid in full?

A: After a successful payment, 30% is instantly non-refundable after 24 hours. Once assets are downloaded, the project becomes non-refundable.

Q: What happens if the client pays in full, then cancels after 24 hours?

A: The affiliate receives their percentage of the money received and not refunded, ranging from 10-20% based on their rank and the nature of the order.

Q: Where do I sign up to the affiliate program.

A: You can sign up here for our video editing service affiliate program.