Project Story: Foofle Brand Promo Film

Work Done On Project

Edit, Color Grading, Music selection (Davinci Resolve)

I was commissioned to handle the edit and color grading for a promotional film showcasing the brand Fooofle. The brief was refreshingly straightforward: I was provided with all the raw footage and given complete creative freedom to make editing decisions and craft the visual aesthetic through color grading.

Given the rarity of such artistic liberty, I embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. From selecting the music to curating the best takes and defining the overall look and feel, every aspect of the promo film was meticulously tailored to align with Fooofle’s brand identity.

The end result was met with satisfaction from the client, who appreciated the simplicity of the visual aesthetic and the well-paced edit. It was a project that epitomized the synergy between creative freedom and client satisfaction.