Project Story: Short Film Editing and Color Grading

Work Done On Project

Video Edit, Color Grading, Music selection, Sound Design, VFX

When approached by a director to edit and color grade their short film, I encountered a unique challenge: the film was in German, a language I didn’t speak. Undeterred, I devised a solution by setting up a translated version of the script alongside the editing process. This allowed me to navigate the footage effectively, selecting the best takes and crafting a cohesive narrative flow despite the language barrier.

As I delved into the color grading process, it became evident that the film’s mood was dark and atmospheric, befitting its genre as a period-piece horror short. Employing my expertise in color grading, I meticulously balanced the visuals to enhance the film’s ominous tone and evoke the desired emotional response from viewers.

In addition to editing and color grading, I was entrusted with creating the trailer for the film. Leveraging my skills in editing, color grading, and sound design, I crafted a compelling trailer that captured the essence of the film and enticed audiences to explore further.

One of the distinctive aspects of my role in this project was curating the soundtrack for the film, selecting music that complemented the visuals and intensified the narrative impact on a scene-by-scene basis. While the final audio mix and sound design were completed in Austria, I took charge of the trailer’s audio mix and sound design at TideonVFX, ensuring consistency and coherence across all promotional materials.

Despite the language barrier and the intricacies of the genre, I collaborated closely with the director to bring their vision to life, infusing the film with tension, atmosphere, and immersive storytelling that resonated with audiences on a visceral level.



Close-up of the 60+ woman in the 18th-century film 'Thysia,' contemplating a potentially poisoned cookie, color graded and edited for post-production perfection.