Project Overview: Audio Editing for Weekly Vegan Podcast

Work Done On Project

Video Edit, Motion Graphics, Music selection

I was enlisted to handle the audio editing for a weekly podcast focusing on vegan nutrition and diet. The podcast primarily consisted of audio content, with occasional motion graphics used to highlight relevant books mentioned during episodes.

Given the nature of the podcast, which delved into various diet and health-related topics, a significant portion of each episode was dedicated to discussing specific books authored by doctors and nutritionists. My role involved not only ensuring seamless audio quality throughout the episodes but also incorporating motion graphics to provide summaries and reviews of these books when they were mentioned.

The project demanded a keen attention to detail to accurately represent the content of each book discussed. By collaborating closely with the podcast team, I was able to enhance the overall listening experience for the audience while effectively highlighting the key insights from the recommended literature.

This project underscored the importance of precision in audio editing and the creative integration of visual elements to complement the podcast’s thematic content.