Project Story: Color Grading for Rock Music Video

Client: HollowBox


Color Grading (Davinci Resolve)

I was enlisted to undertake the color grading for a dynamic rock music video, with a clear directive from the client. The project presented significant color correction challenges, primarily due to its diverse outdoor locations ranging from daytime to midnight scenes, including shots captured on a bridge illuminated by street lights. These lights, designed more for visibility than high-quality illumination, posed a unique color grading obstacle necessitating careful consideration of color accuracy.

What was extremely important for me whilst color grading this piece, was the maintenance of the skin tones through out the look. The skin needed to stay natural and consistent, even though there was an extreme look added to the scene.

Despite these complexities, the approach was methodical and structured. Beginning with achieving a balanced look across all footage, I meticulously assessed each shot to determine the optimal contrast ratio. This allowed for the identification of the most suitable contrast for each scene, subsequently harmonizing them into a cohesive visual narrative for the overarching music video.