Project Story: Motion Graphics Reel for Instagram

Work Done On Project

Video Edit, Sound Design, Motion Graphics, Music selection

The client approached me with a refreshingly simple request: they provided a collection of still images of their products along with their logo, asking if I could create a reel for Instagram using these assets.

With this straightforward brief, I knew that the project would revolve around motion graphics. The challenge lay in crafting something visually engaging within the constraints of a limited budget, typical of short reels on social media platforms like Instagram.

The goal was clear: to create a reel that captivates the audience while effectively showcasing the product assortment. The emphasis was on entertainment value without unnecessary distractions. Rather than focusing on intricate product movements, the animations primarily served to enhance transitions between images, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

The resulting reel successfully achieves its purpose, raising awareness of the available product range without overcomplicating things. It’s a testament to the power of simplicity and strategic design in capturing audience attention on social media platforms.