Classical Tea – Turnkey Ad

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This turnkey ad, is perfect for businesses seeking to captivate their audience with elegance and tranquillity.

Ideal for yoga schools, tea companies offering the finest blends, or any brand in the mindfulness sector, this ad is a ready-made short mood film that effortlessly conveys the essence of being present in the moment.


Short version

Scenario 1

You are contacted for your logo, it is added to the end, you receive a download link.

Scenario 2

Initial Contact –> Customization Discussion –> Modification Process –> Review and Finalization –> Delivery of Final Product –> Support and Follow-Up

Long version

Detailed explanation below

Here are the steps customers can expect once they purchase the Turnkey ad:

  1. Purchase Confirmation: After completing the purchase of the Turnkey ad, customers will receive a confirmation email verifying their order.
  2. Initial Contact: Shortly after the purchase, the customer can expect to be contacted by our team to initiate the customization process. This contact will typically occur via email or VoIP (Skype), depending on the customer’s preferred method of communication.
  3. Customization Discussion: During the initial contact, our team will work closely with the customer to gather specific details needed to tailor the ad to their brand. This may include providing their logo, discussing any requested modifications mentioned during the purchase, and addressing any additional changes required to fulfil their vision for the ad.
  4. Modification Process: Once all necessary information has been gathered, our team will begin the modification process to make the ad bespoke to the customer’s brand. This may involve integrating the customer’s logo, adjusting colors or visual elements, and incorporating any other requested changes to ensure the ad aligns perfectly with their brand identity.
  5. Review and Finalization: After the modifications have been made, the customer will have the opportunity to review the customized ad to ensure it meets their expectations. Any final adjustments or revisions can be discussed and implemented during this stage to guarantee complete satisfaction.
  6. Delivery of Final Product: Once the customer has approved the customized ad, the final product will be delivered to them in a digital format. This may include a downloadable file or a link to access the ad, depending on the agreed-upon delivery method.
  7. Support and Follow-Up: Our team remains available to provide ongoing support and assistance to the customer, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise after the delivery of the final product. We value our customers’ satisfaction and strive to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.

Elevate your brand’s presence with our digital downloadable turnkey ad, a visual masterpiece designed to resonate with audiences seeking tranquillity and mindfulness. This ad transports viewers to a realm of serenity as an enchanting opera singer’s voice fills the air while tea cascades gracefully into a pristine white cup, captured in mesmerizing slow motion.

Ideal for businesses in various sectors, including yoga schools, tea companies specializing in the highest quality blends, and any brand focused on promoting mindfulness and well-being, this turnkey ad offers versatility and impact. Whether used for social media campaigns, website promotions, or advertising endeavours, this ad serves as a powerful tool to engage and captivate audiences instantly. Seamlessly integrated with your brand’s message, it invites viewers to embrace the moment, be present, and connect with the essence of tranquillity.

Unlock the potential of your brand with this ready-made mood film, a captivating visual experience that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impression. With its turnkey nature, this ad offers convenience and immediacy, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your marketing efforts and connect with your audience on a profound level. Embrace the power of storytelling and evoke emotion with our digital downloadable turnkey ad, where every frame speaks volumes and every moment resonates with meaning.


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